Here's what we do!

We're a peer-to-peer based community with the goal of supporting each other emotionally. We strive for each peer to give guidance and love to support each other. While we do expect our peers to conform to a certain standard, we remind everyone that this is not therapy nor is it a crisis support line. If you're looking for a confidential safe space provided by others like you, this will be a great option as a complement to regular therapies.

Phone Buddies are there for each other in a way that sometimes friends can't be. Each Phone Buddy trades focused, time-limited support sessions with her Buddies. Each Buddy knows she will always find an open heart and mind at the other end of the phone and that the person she is talking to wants to talk to her exclusively about what is going on in her life. After all, she's someone who also reaches out when she needs guidance or support.

Buddies trade half hour sessions using any of 6 different peer counseling techniques, guidelines for which are taught within the community. These are: Compassionate Listening, Spiritual/Psychic Guidance, Goal Achievement Coaching, Emotional Clearing, Cognitive Inquiry, Christian Counseling, and Everyday Girl-talk.

Session trading isn't back-and-forth, but more circular. For example, person A gives a session to person B, then person B gives a session to person C, who gives one to person A. This further increases the level of confidentiality within the system.

The Phone Buddies system is based on the following premises:

Mutual Support - Give as much as you get.

Self-care - Take responsibility for setting reasonable limits on your availability and letting others know when it's time for you to get off the phone. Each Buddy agrees to make herself available for at least one 30 minute call each month. You don't have to accept every session request, so long as you are polite and considerate when declining. Our internal messaging system allows Buddies to confidentially pre-arrange talk time. You can also use the "Online" feature to see who's available right when you are and request a last-minute session. Also, the standard phone support session length is 30 minutes and Buddies must both verbally agree to go any longer than that.

Open hearts and minds - As Phone Buddies we really listen, we really care, and we don't judge.

Personal experience combined with knowledge - Each Phone Buddy has access to our free on-line Peer Counselor Training program. Learn about Emotional Clearing, Compassionate Listening, Weight-loss Coaching, Everyday Girl-Talk and more. Select a Buddy to talk to based on which techniques they post in their profile and offer your favorite techniques to others.

Confidentiality - The Phone Buddy system is set-up to maintain a high level of confidentiality. For example, your phone number does not show in your profile and you do not need to show an email address in order to receive messages from other Buddies. Last names are also not stored anywhere in the system and location is only shown by country and state.

Are you someone who genuinely cares about the people around you? Do you take joy in seeing others grow? Do you wish you had a stronger emotional support network yourself? Are you at least 18 years of age or older? If you've answered yes to these questions, you're a perfect Phone Buddy. So what are you waiting for?