It may come to you as no surprise that ultimately, we all eventually need to rely on each other for a helping hand.

Whether you're going through a rough spot in life or simply in need of a helping hand, holding space for someone would translate into ensuring that you'll be there for them. Free from prejudice and misconception, you're expected to live up to your values, morals, and compassion.

We'll have to dig deep into the concept of human compassion to truly understand and deliver that necessary time and energy on behalf of others.

With so many things distracting us from the important and meaningful moments in life, we may all too often be disconnected from others and what it may be to walk on someone else's shoes.

Whether our own issues, our fast-paced life, endless hours in front of mobile phones and social networks, too often life is happening in front of us and we may just be missing it.

With that in mind, there are some simple steps to help you ensure that you don't get disconnected from the ones you love and that you can, indeed, help them through whatever hardships they may face in their lives.

Why Holding Space for Someone Is Important

It may be that your partner, friend, family member or even co-worker needs you.

They may need you in a humane way that sometimes may be hard to understand and know where to start with.

If you're not used to be in touch with human emotions that often, you may find it uncomfortable and your first reaction will be to minimize the other person's problems or simply deflect and avoid the subject entirely.

Very often, your part in it all is as simple as actively listening. You may initially assume that no help can come from such a simple step, but believe that in this day and age, people often feel lonely and without a support network. Having someone to listen to their problems and show compassion will help them know that someone is out there for them.

Holding space for someone is simply translated into keeping an open mind and an open heart. You're there for others. Not to necessarily be consumed by their issues but to support them through and be the light at the end of the tunnel.

How to Hold Space for Someone

The important issue is mostly related to how NOT to hold space for someone.

Too often we'll jump into conclusions, judge or rate people under our own perspective. There's nothing positive about such attitude and, in fact, you're not making space for someone at all. Don't minimize their issues according to your own standards.

People need to feel comfort and safety, they need to know you have their back and will support them through hardship.

Holding space for someone, as mentioned, can be as simple as listening to their problems, but also and most importantly, to empower them in the right moment into getting through a situation and believe there are better things waiting.

You've reserved a bit of your heart and your energy to power someone that is momentarily lacking those.

Tips to Help You Hold Space For Someone

Be sympathetic and let them speak.

People will dig deeper into the cause of their issues if you let them speak about them. Make sure you're a trustworthy element in that conversation and actively participate. Whether by relating or simply by showing you understand them.

Offer hope. Don't make it about you, but do ensure that you've been through hardship as well - everyone does - and that there's always a brighter day coming ahead.

Be available, even if you have other things you'd rather be doing. Holding space for someone will ultimately teach you valuable lessons about yourself and life. You'll come out a better person on the other end.

Whatever issues may be affecting others around you, do make an effort to be available. Make time and leave some energy to help them through.

There is nothing more rewarding in life than lifting up someone that is down. Not only will you feel much better about yourself as a person, but you'll also surely be making a great contribution to the world you often hear people say they want to make better.